Ruby recommends: Organic Bulk Dried Jaq Fruit:             

“It has a really interesting taste, it tastes almost caramel-y to me, like a cross between mango and banana.  It’s not too sweet.  It’s just such a good snack.  I don’t think I have a reason – I just really like it!  It’s kind of chewy, but not too chewy.  I feel like a lot of dried fruit gets stuck in your teeth because it’s too chewy.”   

Rakhi Recommends: Sunrise Energy Bites

“They’re a very good breakfast, they’re also a snack… no, I don’t have them for dinner — but you can definitely have them for a dessert!   You can compare them to oatmeal raisin cookies, but not as sweet.  Whole grains and fruit, filling, good taste, doesn’t cost too much — that’s all.” 

Hu Chocolates | David A.

David A. | Assistant Manager.  I tend to Choc-o-lot about this because it’s NUT your average chocolate!  Raw and delicious.  Hard to argue with that logic.

Source Naturals Wellness Formula & Planetary Formulas Astragalus

MARY K | SUPPLEMENTS DEPARTMENT: “I tend to be a-stragal(us)er with colds and flues, but I zinc that this keeps them away!”  Wellness is loaded with vitamins and minerals and herbs that pack a punch in the short term.  Astragalus builds my immunity in the long term.  These ones really work!

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