5-Minute Spring Fling Dinner

May is glorious, May is glorious, but juicy summer vegetables like heirloom tomatoes are not even close to  vine-ripe. And spring fever makes us frisky, doesn’t it? We’re like colts wanting to kick up our heels! I don’t know about you, but standing by the stove isn’t something I do much in May – there are seeds to plant, hikes to take, lilacs to smell.  That’s why this dish is a godsend.  It’s as fast as open one can and two jars, and mix the three together.

You’re skeptical, I can tell… Here’s my story. Up to my elbows preparing for a feast, my friend bringing the bean dish let me know she wouldn’t make it. Time was running out, guests would be arriving. I had two of the items in my larder, and Adam suggested the third and raced it over. Mother of invention! With no other additions, the dish was a big hit! Delish-eroo. Even those who said they don’t like spicy food took seconds.

Spice gets the circulation going, and that’s always a good thing, too.

In the photo, you can see that on another evening, I added avocado and cilantro.

Serves 4 normal servings, meaning it’s your whole meal

one 29 oz can Eden organic chickpeas Optional mix-ins: tofu cubes, crumbled feta, torn cilantro or basil, cubed avocado, leftover chicken, boiled eggs
one 6 oz jar Brooklyn Delhi Tomato Achaar, or make your own   
one 11.9 oz jar Les Moulins Mahjoub Shak-Shuka sauce   

Open can of beans. Drain. Put in bowl. Open jar of Shak-Shuka (hand-made in Tunisia, this chopped salad in extra virgin olive oil is made with peppers, tomatoes and onions flavored with coriander and caraway). Add Shak-Shuka to beans. Open jar of Brooklyn Deli Brand Tomato Achaar (think of it as South India’s sriracha or harissa.  If you remember our Thakkali Thokku recipe from two years ago, this is basically the same thing). This sauce is hand-made in Brooklyn and winner of the Good Food Award, 2016!  Add it to beans and give everything a good stir.

Eat cold or room temp. Or heat up in a pot over a medium flame. Spoon onto plates and enjoy.

Could you extend this recipe or make it milder by serving over rice or pasta or squash? Absolutely!

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