An A-Z Guide to Sweeteners: Part III

To repeat: There is no sweetener that we can consume vast amounts of with impunity.  None.  There are certainly some that are better than others.  There are some that even have side benefits.  But the take-home message is still “eat sweets in moderation, if you eat them at all.”

Saccharine (benzoic sulfimide):

No other sweetener on this list has been through as many ups-and-downs in the mind of the public.  Saccharine was discovered by accident in the late 1800s by a scientist working on coal tar derivatives.  It was largely ignored until the sugar shortages during World War I, then quickly embraced as a diet and diabetic sweetener.  By the late 1970s, however, the FDA was set to ban saccharine as a possible human carcinogen (the FDA is required to ban from sale any food known to cause cancer in lab animals). (more…)

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