Kelp, Lecithin, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Vitamin B6 (KLB6)

Somebody asked me recently, “What the heck is KLB6?”  Still around after all these years, this formula is an old-fashioned diet aid was all the rage when I was in college in the 60’s.  KLB6 is shorthand for kelp, lecithin and vitamin B6.  Our house brand formula also contains apple cider vinegar, but I guess that doesn’t fit easily shorthand into the name, does it?

Today, people still come in and say the combination helps them lose weight.  It’s not a magic bullet, but it does help, they say.  How can that be?  Here are some thoughts… (more…)

Miso Ginger Slaw

This new recipe is a result of a group effort back in our kitchen.  Thanks to Piera, Alex (Alex Mong who never liked cabbage until this!) and Amanda, the kitchen not only came up with this delish slaw, but had the wild and creative idea to use it in a Miso Tofu Wrap, a popular new sandwich. (more…)

Sticking to that Darn Diet!

I’ve been blessed with a digestive tract, immune system, and metabolism that let me eat however much I want, of whatever I want, whenever I want. I know not everyone is so lucky.  There are lots of people who look around a grocery store or at a restaurant menu, and see, instead of possibilities, forbidden fruit.

Some are simply looking to lose weight.  Others are dealing with a food allergy, or multiple allergies.  Others have decided to go vegetarian, or raw; or their child or spouse has.  There are the Candida diets, and the low-residue, low-sodium, low-fat diets.  There are the countless people newly diagnosed with celiac disease.  I could go on. (more…)

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